it’s my goal

to help your small business

look  great  online

A great online presence is essential for your business. It’s my aim to help you get it.

I’ll work to understand the strategy, focus and heart of your business to help you with the technology you need to achieve considerable, long-term success and make your business look great – online and offline.

Custom Website

Design, develop and create a beautiful website that will suit your specific needs.

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Email Newsletters

Manage your email newsletter campaigns, including design, formatting and delivery.

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Tutoring & Mentoring

One-on-one tutoring service to learn how to get the job done yourself.

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Online Payments

Establish or modify your PayPal account and set up online payments.

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Customer Relationship Management

Manage your customer relationship management (CRM) processes to ensure your list is kept up to date.

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Search Engine Optimization

Provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics to monitor website performance.

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Manage Copyright

Locate and procure copyright-friendly images and advise on citations and referencing sources.

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Photograph Editing

Photograph and image editing, enhancement and creativity using Adobe Photoshop or similar.

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Print Documents

Create attractive print documents, presentations, spreadsheets and invoices using Microsoft Office or Google docs.

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Extra Design Services

Arrange for professional copy writing and graphic design services.

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Information & Advice

Inform, advise and help you select online and print products that will best suit your requirements.

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Computer Mentor has been providing practical and accessible online resources, tools and education for over 20 years.


Happy clients

The following are just some of the positive things clients have said.

Cheryl has taken CatRescue 901 to a new level of professionalism with her website design and construction for us. Cheryl is particularly obliging and easy to work with and nothing is ever too much trouble. We are all busy volunteers and we often need to go over things a number of times before they are right, and that is never an issue.

I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough at both a personal and a professional level.

Jenny S.

Director, CatRescue 901

I am very grateful for the day when Cheryl Hill approached me and suggested (very tactfully) that my website badly needed improvement. She re-designed my website for me and as a result I have had increased sales of my books and CDs, and have had greater attendance at my talks and literary events.

Cheryl has been full of good ideas, has worked sensitively around my rather unusual website needs, and has found images and web links that enhance my site.

I know I can call on her for help whenever I need it. She explains things patiently and well, and I enjoy working with her on improving my site and social media presence. Cheryl delivers what she promises, on time and to budget, and is a pleasure to work with.

Susannah F.

Susannah Fullerton

When you mix a person’s passion for what they do, their expertise, knowledge, tenacity to keep learning, determination to solve problems with a personable, easy to relate to personality, it results in a pleasurable, productive outcome. And that’s what it is like working with Cheryl. Enjoyable with outstanding results.

Anthony H.

Director, cid 8 - cause ideation

Thank you Cheryl for creating a photography website that I am absolutely delighted with. I had some vague ideas as to format, so appreciate very much, the time you took to understand my love of photography, and my requirements regarding display of images. I feel that I will have an ongoing relationship with you regarding updating and enhancement.

The ease with which you grasped an idea I might have, and enhanced and improved upon that idea is something that I really appreciate. I am sure that anyone who employed your talent as a webmaster would have the same opinion.

Again, thank you very much.

Janet G.

Owner, Pictures To Frame

Cheryl and I have worked together creating a new GutMatters e-commerce website, Facebook profile and publishing my e-book. She continues to share her knowledge guiding me through email newsletter campaigns and writing my blogs.

I just love the process and to have the expertise and enthusiasm of someone like Cheryl is an absolute bonus.

Ros A.

Owner, Gutmatters


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Workmen image: CharlesFred via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA