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Are you frustrated with your computer? I have over 20 years of teaching experience and for just $25 for 15 minutes, I can help you. Using secure software, you can show me your computer while we talk on the phone. You will learn what to do easily and quickly.

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Don’t understand what the programs do? Don’t know how to find things?


How do you use email, social media or Skype? Is it safe to bank online? What about shopping and online purchasing? What is the “cloud”? How do you work with digital photos and video? Get the answers to all your questions.

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You are skilled at your trade but not at using technology.


You should be doing what you’re good at and making money! Not wasting precious time struggling with the computer.


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Students are expected to present their learning using technology products.


It’s a common perception that all young people are born somehow “knowing” how to operate technology. Many do – but there are also many students who find computers a bit bewildering.

Computer Mentor will give you as little or as much time as you need. You’ll get just the help you need when you need it.

We’ll only work on what you need to know right now. Because we work on your computer you can be confident you will know what to do.  A true mentoring experience centres on you.

My small business specialises in working with small business organisations – just like yours – to create a great online presence.

Let’s work together. Contact me now.

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Cheryl has taken CatRescue 901 to a new level of professionalism with her website design and construction for us. I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough at both a personal and a professional level.

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Jenny S. - CatRescue 901

The ease that Cheryl grasped, enhanced and improved upon my ideas is something that I really appreciate. I am sure that anyone would have the same opinion.

Janet G. - Pictures To Frame

Cheryl and I have worked together creating a new e-commerce website, Facebook profile and my e-book. To have Cheryl's expertise and enthusiasm is an absolute bonus.

Ros A. - Gutmatters

I know I can call on Cheryl for help whenever I need it. She explains things patiently and well, and I enjoy working with her on improving my site and social media presence. Cheryl delivers what she promises, on time and to budget, and is a pleasure to work with.

When you mix a person’s passion, expertise, knowledge, tenacity to keep learning, determination to solve problems with a personable, easy to relate to personality, it results in a pleasurable, productive outcome.

Anthony H. - OnTeam

Cheryl will manage anything you throw at her. She's calm and efficient, works very quickly and has a huge range of skills. Absolute recommendation.

Kathryn Heyman - Writer

Kathryn Heyman - Writer

Your excellent judgement and all the things you've done now and previously are exactly why you are and will remain my website guru.

Look Great Online and grow your small business.