Why email is still relevant for your small business

Email has been around since the beginning of the internet. It may be old, but in the age of smartphones and mobile technology email is more accessible than ever before.

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Email is very effective at helping business owners connect with their customers


Newsletters deliver a consistent brand message that compliments your website and sends relevant, targeted information to your customers.

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Email marketing is easy, effective and inexpensive


Email messages are open platform, free to receive, can hold more content than texts or tweets, and are more personal than social media posts.

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Increase website traffic


With the easy click of a link people more likely to visit your website. Email gives you the opportunity to attract, and then direct attention.

Email is a cost-effective tool that gives you the power to reach customers in a place that most people visit every day — their inbox. If your call to action is strong, and your follow-up consistent, then email will work for you.

I’ll design and deliver an email campaign process that will show your customers what your business has to offer.

My small business specialises in working with small business organisations – just like yours – to create a great online presence.

Let’s work together. Contact me now.

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Cheryl has taken CatRescue 901 to a new level of professionalism with her website design and construction for us. I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough at both a personal and a professional level.

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Jenny S. - CatRescue 901

The ease that Cheryl grasped, enhanced and improved upon my ideas is something that I really appreciate. I am sure that anyone would have the same opinion.

Janet G. - Pictures To Frame

Cheryl and I have worked together creating a new e-commerce website, Facebook profile and my e-book. To have Cheryl's expertise and enthusiasm is an absolute bonus.

Ros A. - Gutmatters

I know I can call on Cheryl for help whenever I need it. She explains things patiently and well, and I enjoy working with her on improving my site and social media presence. Cheryl delivers what she promises, on time and to budget, and is a pleasure to work with.

When you mix a person’s passion, expertise, knowledge, tenacity to keep learning, determination to solve problems with a personable, easy to relate to personality, it results in a pleasurable, productive outcome.

Anthony H. - OnTeam

Cheryl will manage anything you throw at her. She's calm and efficient, works very quickly and has a huge range of skills. Absolute recommendation.

Kathryn Heyman - Writer

Kathryn Heyman - Writer

Your excellent judgement and all the things you've done now and previously are exactly why you are and will remain my website guru.

Look Great Online and grow your small business.